Thursday, July 29, 2010

CEIMB: Mango Lassi

My Craving Ellie in My Belly post this week is going to be short and sweet. This week we were to make Mango Lassi, selected by Leslie of Lethally Delicious. We have actually made Ellie's Mango Lassi in the past. It's very simple and only takes moments to put together.

Simply combine 2 mangos, 1 1/2 cups nonfat yogurt, 2 Tbsp. honey, and some ice cubes in a blender, and puree. Easy, refreshing, and good for you!

Unfortunately, this is one beverage that not many people in my household will consume. In fact, my hubby was the only one to drink the Mango Lassi. On the bright side, he did enjoy it! As for me, I just strongly dislike yogurt. I've tried it before in various incarnations, but the only way I can really enjoy it is if it's hiding out as one of the ingredients in a baked good. I think if we made this again, but substituted lowfat vanilla ice cream for the yogurt, I would drink it and love it. I've recently developed an appreciation for the taste of mango, and I would like to be able to enjoy it. I just didn't think to do the ice cream thing this time around until it was too late.

Thank you to Leslie for this week's selection! The official recipe for the Mango Lassi can be found here, on Food Network's website. You can also check out the CEIMB blogroll to see what the other members thought about this one.


  1. Your lassi looks fabulous and thick! And what a fun straw! You're so sweet to have made it even though you don't like yogurt. I think low-fat vanilla ice cream is a great idea to make this one yogurt-free. Thanks for, umm, blending with me this week!

  2. I haven't made this one yet (bad CEiMBer, I know!) but I'm hoping to get it posted about this weekend. My hesitation is that I also do not like yogurt and was afraid the yogurt flavor might shine through. Hmm. Ice cream definitely sounds better but I wonder what else I might be able to use instead... You've got me thinking now :)

  3. Pretty cool green straw. :)
    It took me a while to develop a taste for Plain Greek Yogurt because I have this aversion to creamy sauces and things. Now I have 1/2 a cup every day. Sometimes it's harder to choke down than others but I do it in the name of health.
    The Lassi was a super way to enjoy mango and yogurt. Of course the ice cream idea...can't beat that!