Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baked Sunday Mornings: Farm Stand Buttermilk Doughnuts

Our assignment for this week's Baked Sunday Mornings was to make the Farm Stand Buttermilk Doughnuts. As luck would have it, I had already tried my hand at these back in October, but I'd never blogged about them. I think it probably had something to do with the fact that our doughnuts did not exactly turn out picture perfect. Okay, they actually came out looking a bit deformed! But they were absolutely delicious, so they are definitely worth telling you about. Maybe somebody out there can learn from my mistakes!

I started out on the wrong foot with these because I was short an ingredient: sour cream. Instead of sour cream I just added more buttermilk, if memory serves me correctly. Turns out, that sour cream must be kinda essential to these dougnuts, because I had a heck of a time with my dough. It was so sticky and loose, you couldn't even form doughnut shapes. Well, you kinda could, but then you couldn't actually lift them and drop them into the hot oil without them becoming all misshapen. So we started to just form blobs out of the dough, but then we discovered that the inside centers were still raw (which was a total bummer, since we had our two sons waiting and waiting for the doughnuts to cool enough to eat, only to discover that they had icky, gooey middles). Fortunately, the doughnut hole-sized treats we made worked out perfectly, since they took next to no time to make.

As I think you can probably tell from below, the doughnuts were a huge winner once we started working out the kinks! The biggest hit was the cinnamon sugar topping with our boys; they are cinnamon addicts. I personally favored the chocolate glaze; we topped those with orange sprinkles since it was almost Halloween when we made these. I skipped the vanilla glaze, but I would love to try it sometime.

I was tempted to make these again specifically for the group, but I decided that it was worthwhile to just blog about the ones I had made previously. After all, it is a lesson in what not to do! However, I do apologize for subjecting you to these silly deformed doughnut pictures!

To check out how the other members of the group did with this, be sure to check out the post on these doughnuts over at Baked Sunday Mornings, here. The full recipe is posted there, too, for your convenience!

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