Thursday, September 2, 2010

CEIMB: Fettuccine with Crab and Asparagus

This week's Craving Ellie in My Belly recipe was chosen by Jessica of Johnstone's Vin Blanc. We made Fettuccine with Crab and Asparagus, from Ellie's book So Easy. As you may know by now, I am not really the biggest fan of seafood. I eat shrimp, and I love it. Other than that, it's all pretty much outside of my comfort zone. However, I decided to go for it this time and try the crab in this dish.

I did have to cheat a little bit, and buy the package of imitation crab instead of the pure, real thing. Actually, the kind I bought said it was made from crab and other types of fish. I hope I still got the full effect, though, because I did end up liking it. It didn't taste very fishy, which is something that typically bothers me about seafood. It was very nice with the lemony flavors in the dish.

The dish as a whole, however, I felt was a bit lacking. I am not quite sure what it was, exactly. Maybe I wanted it to be saucier; I don't know. As it was, I just found it to be a bit dry. I liked the way it tasted. I adore asparagus, the lemon and the white wine added some good zing, and I thought the tarragon was really interesting in this. I did not buy fresh herbs for this recipe, so I just used my dried tarragon and dried parsley.

I haven't decided if I would make this again. It was good, it just wasn't amazing or memorable. Maybe if the sauce were more of a scampi-type sauce, this would have been better. I guess it wouldn't have been as healthy that way, though, so it would have defeated the purpose of cooking an Ellie meal!

Thanks, Jessica, for this week's pick! She's got the recipe posted on her blog. Check out the other CEIMBers in our blogroll.


  1. Big discovery here this week: NEVER make anything with canned crab as we don't like it at all. At. All. LOL. I knew better, but somehow I thought Ellie would transform it all into something we would enjoy. Wrong, even Ellie can not work some miracles. I should have splurged, bought the king crab legs which we do enjoy, made those, used that meat in this or subbed shrimp...anything but this. First dish in a long time that I have dumped in the garbage. Guys wouldn't even eat it. Dogs would not eat it. Cat would not eat it. No one likes canned crab here! Yours looks great, I think that imitation crab might have worked for us as well, I have had that in salads and it is good.

  2. Your crab mix sounds like the flavor was a LOT better then my expensive hand picked crab in a sealed container out of the butcher counter. Your dish looks wonderful. WW pasta is a much drier noodle for flavor. Just does not carry that same moist, soft consistency of white pasta. I was dreading it until my first bite. Maybe I have grown up a little for my taste buds. One of the other CEiMB'ers throw in mushrooms and fresh tomato. I wish I had thought of it.

    Pink is one of my things now in the kitchen. My sister-in-law has had breast cancer twice and beaten it twice. I think most of the family collects pink for support (and I already love pink).

    Your photos look great, btw. I'm glad you stopped by, thank you =), Shandy

  3. It looks great but in general, people had different reactions to this meal. Since, I did not make it, I am just an observer.

    The imitation crab is a good solution for me. One of the reasons, I did not make it is, because crab is not kosher but I could have used the imitation. We don't eat asparagus either, though. My husband just can't do it. Keep in mind, he doesn't eat chocolate either.

  4. I think your dish looks good, but it seems to me like this dish might have needed a tomato or something. I didn't make it because of my shellfish allergy, but yours looks really good. I'm seeing that some liked it and some didn't.

  5. Good for you for trying something you haven't had before! I am not a crab expert, but I think, in general, crab does not taste as fishy or seafoodish as fish and the like. I think, from my limited experience, that real crab is not as firm as the imitation crab, but I don't know about taste differences. It seems like this recipe wasn't a big hit overall so I don't think I'll be splurging on crab to make it any time soon. Great pics though!