Thursday, December 9, 2010

CEIMB: Pork Stroganoff with Green Beans and Grainy Mustard

This week's Craving Ellie in My Belly recipe was chosen by my good blogging friend Liz of The Not So Skinny Kitchen. Liz and I, as she mentioned in her last post about my pick of Tortellini-Spinach Soup, have both been trying to overcome our fears/aversions to certain types of food. Often, we will compare notes about how we tried foods with ingredients we do not normally care for, usually to discover that we are pleasantly surprised with the results. She tried my soup pick last week, even though she probably never would have chosen to do so on her own, and she ended up really liking it.

So, when I realized that the following week was her pick, I was excited. I wanted to cook along with her, just as she cooked along with me. She chose to make the Beef Stroganoff and Green Beans with Grainy Mustard. Now, I don't eat beef; in fact, I don't think I've ever prepared it, either. But that wasn't about to stop me from cooking along! I simply pulled a pound of pork tenderloin out of my freezer (cuz lord knows I need to clean out my freezer, anyway!) and got on with it.

First of all, let me just say how delightful these green beans were. Who knew? All it took to make these was two ingredients, green beans and grainy mustard (four if you count the salt and pepper). Simply steam the fresh, trimmed green beans until crisp-tender, then toss with the mustard, and then add salt and pepper to taste. My husband tasted these and nearly fell off his chair. "Is this just green beans and mustard? That's it?" he exclaimed. I told him that it was and he couldn't stop gushing about how unbelievably good they were. "That's Ellie!" I replied smugly. She never ceases to amaze.

The stroganoff was probably the ultimate Andy food. This is exactly the kind of meal that he loves to come home to. It's hearty, it's comforting. It contains many of his favorite things (wine, mushrooms, and egg noodles, just to name a few), and it reallly satisfies. Like Liz did last week, I kinda did a double take when I saw her choice because, even though I know she's overcome her avoidance of mushrooms, I was still surprised that she chose such a mushroom-heavy dish. However, I really did enjoy the mushrooms in this. I guess I'm over my avoidance of mushrooms, too! In fact, I really couldn't imagine this dish without them; they're kinda essential.

There were two minor gripes I had with this meal, though. One, I feel like my sauce took a long time to thicken up. Did anybody else have this problem? I used lowfat sour cream in place of the Greek yogurt at the end, but I don't think that affected anything. Once I turned the heat off under my skillet, things did speed up. Like I said, a minor gripe. Also, I feel like it needed more flavor, or something. True, I used pork, which is not as flavorful as beef, and I had white wine on hand, so that went in rather than red wine. I'm sure if I had used the correct ingredients, that would have made a big difference. So I can't really fault the recipe for that. All in all, this dish really satisfied our appetites (and the five year-old really liked it!). I would totally make it again, with a few tweaks.

So, thank you, Liz! Once again, we've discovered what happens when we push outside of our little boxes; we find a great meal that we never would have tried otherwise. Please do stop by the CEIMB blogroll to see what the others thought. And check out the original recipe for the stroganoff, here.


  1. My sauce also took longer to thicken up as well. I was still steaming my green beans and cooking my noodles. I agree about it being a bit underseasoned. I added some more salt and it perked right up.

  2. Oh, that looks yummy! So much fun to see the subs and tips, etc. everyone does each week, gives the recipe extra dimensions. I haven't made it yet, but I will. Waiting for that cut of beef (shh...don't listen) to go on sale as it usually is every other week or so. When feeding the house of guys like I do, I usually shop the sales for meat as they eat a lot of it. Eager to try this!

  3. It looks so good. Great write up - sorry I missed the green beans (gotta get that book!).
    I think the sour cream is a great sub. to the yogurt.

  4. Thanks so much for cooking with me this week, Bri! I kind of surprised myself with picking such a mushroom-laden dish lol When Ryan saw the two packages of mushrooms in the fridge, he was less than excited, but we both ended up liking the recipe. I am officially over my phobia of mushrooms... well, of sliced baby bella mushrooms anyway. There are still some funny looking ones out there that I'm scared of :) And it was actually just over a year ago when even the SMELL of mustard freaked me out so the green bean dish was a real triumph as well!!

    Somehow I never realized you don't eat beef, but I'm glad you still participated. I'm sure the pork was really good in this! I ended up putting some cornstarch in my sauce because it never thickened to my liking. And I seasoned with salt and pepper several times. Maybe these two things will help if you decide to try this one again.

    Thanks for being such a great blogging friend, and I'm glad the recipe turned out well! My gram said she was getting quite a bit of snow yesterday so hopefully you guys are all keeping warm up there :)