Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sweet and Salty Brownies: Baked Sunday Mornings First Post!

I am so excited right now! I'm about to present you with my very first post as....(drumroll, please!): an official member of the new blogging group, Baked Sunday Mornings!

Yep. If you happen to read my blog sorta often, chances are you've noticed a recipe (or six!) that I have baked from those wonderful Baked cookbooks. They're the ones written by the co-owners of the Brooklyn bakery of the same name, and they're always wonderful. The Baked guys love to think outside the box, and I'm always inspired by their ideas.

So imagine my utter delight when I happened to stumble across this new group of bloggers dedicated to baking from the newest Baked book, Baked Explorations. Their mission: to bake every recipe from this cookbook and post about them on Sunday mornings. The rules are not strict; we can participate when we want to. Plus, we only blog every other Sunday. It works out great; we don't have to worry about having a Baked treat lying around our house basically at all times, which is a relief to me and my waistline!

I was able to jump in and start baking along with the group just in time for these Sweet and Salty Brownies, which I had already made before joining. Fortunately, I had photographed them but never blogged about them. I was going to get around to it eventually, but now here was my chance! Anyway, on to the brownies!

These are some of the yummiest brownies I've ever eaten, hands down. They're a riff on the classic Baked brownie, with a surprising twist. You make a salted caramel, and spread some of it across the batter (you put down half the batter, then the caramel, then the remaining brownie batter). When you bake it, the caramel seamlessly melts into the brownie, so you don't end up with a discernible caramel layer. What you do end up with is a deeper flavor that winds its way through the whole thing and just elevates it. Once the brownies come out of the oven, you sprinkle them with some coarse sugar, and some fleur de sel (or in my case, coarse sea salt). Mmm. A wonderful first recipe with the new group!

We don't post the full recipes on our blogs in this group, but they will always be posted over at the main site for Baked Sunday Mornings. The Sweet and Salty Brownie is here. If you're looking for one wonderful brownie recipe that will wow everybody this holiday season, look no further. And do check out the blogroll for the group, here! I can't wait to bake more goodies with them!


  1. Welcome to the group and very nice work for your first post. Love the streak of chocolate . Are these incredible or what ?

  2. i agree these are some of the best brownies ever, looks great!

  3. this was my first baked sunday mornings entry too ... and so worth it. gotta love those boys and their baked books - have you tried the rootbeer cake yet? amazing. love your pictures and your blog!

  4. Welcome to the group and I am so glad that you joined us. I love your plating and your brownies look fabulous!

  5. Your brownies look perfect! Thanks for the tip of lining the pan with foil or parchment paper- I'll do that next time I make this recipe!